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So true! XD
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“pattern” by petr davydtchenko
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Only if you believe that being “feminine” is the “correct” way for women to be.

What? This is NOT saying you have to be feminine. It is saying if you are feminine that is not anti-feminist. It is not saying one must be feminine to be a woman. It is calling feminist out who degrade women for being feminine because it “hurts the cause.” Feminist have debated whether or not it is okay to be feminine because it is a part of patriarchy and they have claimed femininity has hurt women. Feminist are still saying femininity hurts feminism and real feminist aren’t feminine. It’s all bullshit and this is what this meme is calling attention to, that feminist who think femininity is anti-feminism are full of shit.

Okay, so me ever having worn a corset and looking damned good in it means that I get my feminist license revoked. Fuck you.

You shouldn’t be considered worse of a woman if you want to look like one. What sort of fucked up feminist wants to look like a man? Isn’t that anti-feminst saying you have to be manly to be a good woman. RAGE.

What the fuck does it mean to “look like a woman?” and “look like a man?” Do you only look like a woman if you were dresses and skirts? Do you only “look like a man” in jeans a t-shirt? Can men only look like men in “men’s clothes” or can they look like men in “women’s clothes?” Can women look like women in “men’s clothes” or only in “women’s clothes?” Your comment makes no fucking sense. 
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Some people just have an avant-garde sense of fashion or like adding their own twists to their outfits :)

Mostly heard it from the kids at work, but people just assume I just looooove Lady Gaga…
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